01' exhaust, complete for sale

Muffler used once, header still on bike but in perfect condition. Would like to sell as package. Make an offer... What do you guys think of the GYT-R stuff from Yamaha? I got a good deal on a muffler when I bought the bike. Dealer told me that White Brothers makes the muffler for Yamaha. He had a more expensive unit there,FMF, so I figured if he was trying to get $$$ out of me he would have pushed that one. Maybe he gets a kick-back from Yamaha for the GYT-r stuff...lol. Any info would be helpful, I might sell that muffler if anyone is interested, I think I'll get a DR. D when they're available...Thanx

I would be interested in the header pipe.




How much $$ for the silencer and head pipe? would you sell just the silencer?


out from under thou !!!!!!!!

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