Factory FX graphics for XR 650 L/ XR 600

This may seem like a "For Sale" post. But being that I am basically giving them away, I don't know if it qualifies,

My apologies in advance for anyone who thinks I'm hawking something. I'm actually trying to keep them out of the landfill.

I bought them a long time ago for a white IMS tank, but they have never been opened. The bike was stolen before I could put them on.

(Rat Bastards)

I can provide a picture of them if you are interested in them. (I use a mac and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to post pics. It doesn't help that I am a techno-tard.)

You cover shipping and they are yours.


Check your PM, Thanks!!

Do you still have the graffics??? :)

If you still have them i willl gladly take them.

Mine '01 XR650L-unkorked and desmogged,white bros eseries pipe,rejeted,K&N filter,enduro engineering bark busters,DG bash plate,geared lower

'99 xr200r-all stock (for sale)

Dad's '01 xr400r-DG bash plate, (other than the bash plate all stock for now)

'84 can-am 250 still running strong!!!!!!!!!!

They are gone. Thanks for your interest.

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