Dumb Crashes

I was riding with my wife at atlanta mi. today. i came up to a stop sign, the front slid a little bit, for some stupid reason, i totally locked the front brake up... next thing i know the back end of the bike is wayyyyy up, im going over the bars, and the bike is laying on top of me in a heap. my wife rode up , freaking out , thinking im dead or something. (not even a scratch). luckily, nobody else saw it happen. Anybody else want to share their bone-head crash stories ? :)

Damn so many I cant count, lets see :). I was fell over trying to do a donut in the sand,well more than once trying that. Fell off the side of a bmx ramp on my 50 because the ramp was wet and my tire just spun. Well my dad did this one but its pretty funny, he caught his forehead on a wire stretched across my grandparents yard for the dog when he was just playing around on the bike. I was going through a water crossing on practice lap once when my bike stalled and I just fell right over and drowned my bike out which me and my dad ended up standing the bike straight up to dump out the water. Well thats about as many as I can remember before they start to blur together. Ya know is it bad that I have so many dumb crashed that I cant remember them all :D.

My dumbest crashes always come in the mud. I was ripping through the woods cutting fresh tracks in real slick mud (clay type soil) with a layer of water on top. I was spinning the rear tire (not on purpose) trying to find the traction point on the straights and the tire all of a sudden hooked up and launched me down this short 50 foot straight. I was catapulted forward looking at this big tree and not being able to do anything. The bike was sliding like it was on an ice rink. I saw the tree coming for what seemed an eternity and finally hit it head on with my bike leaned over trying to turn and me on top trying to keep my head from hitting the tree. I ended up bear hugging the tree after the front end took the hit on the headlight cover, ignition switch and bark busters. I really felt like an amateur. What a bone head move. I had just got out that morning and this happened in the first mile. Anyway I managed to repair with duct tape and cable ties and kept riding. $150.00 worth of parts that ride. I also am on my third set of radiator scoop covers. They rip off too easy in the woods. I am also on my 2nd header. Titaminum header was $340.00 from Yamaha. That was costly but the header had three good sized dents in it from an awful day in the mud with roots the size of fallen logs with 12" deep ruts in front of them. The things we do for fun! :)

INDY you reminded me of a good mud crash. Once during a race it started raining on the line and this was not the kind of property you wanted rain on. This place would literaly turn to like grease. Well I am going and it isnt to to bad yet till I come to this one straight which used to be a dried up ditch, I emphesize USED TO. It is now a 150 to 200 yard ditch of the slippiest mud ever. I crashed and went down 6 times in that small stretch. I felt like a total squid. After that I just said screw this and drove back to the pits becasue I knew the property and knew it was just going to get worse, much worse so I figured I would spare my bike and myself the punishment of it.

1- cleared a 30 foot table top... by 10 feet on an xr50 and squat.. bye bye frame now i had 2 fork tubes and a front wheel YAY :D

2- my friend tried to do a supermotard turn with his dirt tires on asphalt in 3rd gear... uh oh there goes the front wheel oh and the back what are those sparks from ... oh the foot pegs.. they left 1 inch deep scars in the asphalt :) it was pretty funny though

3- this person out in mojave was riding a quad along hte road and started looking back to count his group when all of a sudden BAM runs straight into a cactus... so then we went over to see that he was alright but he had cactus spikes all over him :D

4- in mojave after the rain there was this HUGE pond im talking 3 feet deep.. so my bike could handle it almost so i went through it got all wet and so did my friend on his yz250f.. then this little kid on a cr80 comes screaming by and tries to show off... he runs in the pond at like 30 so his front wheel starts cominmg up and down then all of a sudden he goes over the bars and all you can see is him all muddy and soaked and his 2 tires... my buddy and me were laughing so hard :D :D

My dumbest wasn't really a crash. When the Kryptonite disk locks first came out, we all got one's that matched our bikes. Since my CBR is black and red, I got black. You can't see the thing at all and when I came back 3 hours later, completely forgot I had it on there. Went to leave and the front wheel went around about 3/4 of a turn and instantly stopped. So did I as I fell over right in front of a bunch of women going into a bar. No I wasn't drinking, just thinking with the wrong head. :)

My dumbest crashes happen about 3 per ride. I can't touch the ground very well and tend to just plain fall over, makes people laugh though.

One time I fell over :):D :D

I TRY to ride within my means and have had few "crashes." I wash out or get crossed up on some nasty root sections occasionally but rarely "crash." I can say every "crash" is dumb for me. When it happens I am riding outside of my means. Trying to catch up after a bobble, following too close and getting into someones dust cloud or trying to "show off" and go fast. The older I get and the more I ride I keep reminding myself of my family and my work obligations and cannot afford ANY "crashes."


Dumbest crash -- fortunately not me... I was riding this weekend with an un-named buddy :D. He was 50 yards in front of me when suddenly he disappeared from the trail. When I got closer, he was picking himself up and wiping fresh cow sh*t off his helmet, googles, chin... We all had a good laugh... well not all of us :)

Thanks Eric, I've been expecting to see this posted on this thread so now I must expose my identity and defend myself.

To all those reading this I was mostly concerned about the safety and cleanliness of my riding/TT brothers. I was riding along scanning the trail for things that may cause undesired results to my buddies when in one particular area I was aghast to see a fresh cowpie...yes, I did say FRESH...about 8 feet below a steep hillside singletrack. Concerned only for them I immediately launched myself of the trail to mark the bovine bomb and cover it up so no one (other than me) would be affected by its presence. I performed this incredibly selfless act with great skill, precision, and style. Without giving it a second thought I endo'd myself off the trail (it was the quickest way I could think of at the moment) and marked the dung pile squarely with my helmeted head (as I said my precision was no less than amazing). So as to protect myself from my upcoming buddies bikes, should they fail to see my mark, I structured the endo so that my bike would land squarely on top of me futher protecting myself and my buddies.

Needless to say they were all very appreciative and even helped me re-trail my bike. With the amount of slimey dung hanging off of my upper body I had to resemble something like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. It's a good thing I didn't frighten them. It's a tight brotherhood this dirt-biking thing. Even though I was slightly dazed and confused by my heroic act I took down the trail ahead of them again and within five minutes proceeded to once again protect them, in a similar manner, from a pile of sharp, jagged rocks which I noticed dangerously close to the trail. I was lucky to have seen this pile in time to have "marked" it for them as my goggles were still covered in cowpie.

Really, I owed it to them as MrMoto performed a similar kindness to me at Cherry Creek a couple of months back. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


P.S.--It really is amazing to me that the scent of fresh cowpie "Ram Air" style can burn both the eyes and lungs to such a degree.

:D:):D :D

Dude, that was too much!!!!! :D :D :D

:):D :D :D

A steep trail through the trees climbing up to a vertical lip - tapped out in third gear. Hit neutral at the lip. Me gone. Bike hanging from tree 20' above ground. Laughter from everyone elses' lips. :)

I was never a real believer in karma until now. While I was riding my bike into the truck in the morning for the aforementioned ride halfway up my loading ramp (2x12 plank) my ramp broke. Nearly left me on my a$$. Luckily my front tire made it into the truck and my skidplate got hung up on the tailgate so me and the bike were just kinda stranded there. It was really pretty funny but now I know it was just a sign. :) It messed up my tailgate a little but those who have seen my truck would wonder how.


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