Plated 426 frame question

I understand this subject has been neat to death many of times. But I have a chance to buy a currently plated WR frame. I understand that I am taking a gamble registering it in California.

My questions are,

How much is the frame worth ?

Will all my YZ426 stuff bolt onto a WR frame of the same year ?

Tahnk you in advance !

Is it plated in Cali or some other state? Is the registration really current, or on a non-op? If it's current and was plated before Jan 2004, you should have no trouble transferring's a legit plate. Same year to same year YZ to WR, you won't have any issues...Are you planning on using the WR stator and rotor to get electrical power?

It's plated out of state and has current registration. I will run the WR electrical. The guy wants $200 for the frame.

For what its worth - and as far as i know ...

WR and YZ bikes during the 400 and 426 eras were essentially the same chasis and engines where the variation came in was the gearing ratio (yz close for racing, wr wide ratio ) and electrical equipment.

Should it bolt right up if its the same year? As far as i know : yes - but you may need to make adjustments to allow for the wiring and such. ymmv

It's plated out of state and has current registration. I will run the WR electrical. The guy wants $200 for the frame.

It's well worth $200

I'm not sure of the procedure in Ca, but in WI it would be a simple title inspection. Maybe someone here knows how it works in your state. If possible, I would try to get the paper work with the DMV done before swapping frames out. If you couldn't get it titled, you could always resell frame with minimal loss.

Good luck!

Out of state could be dicey...depending on the DMV. The "rule" is if it is street licensed in another state, and has 7500+ miles on the clock, it should transfer...but then there's that pesky 8th digit in the vin thing. that will flag the DMV that it's an off highway vehicle only. If you can spare the 2 bills, it might be worth a try, but only as a complete bike (in case the DMV wants it inspected by the CHP) not a frame only...frame only would get a salvage title, a bunch of scrutiny (because it's from out of state), and who knows what...You may want to call the DMV and ask them what the real deal is...

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