Aftermarket Ignition/Case Cover

I can't seem to find any aftermarket ignition/case covers for my 2007 WR450F. My shifter lever wore a groove almost completely through my ignition cover, and I can't seem to find anything online. I used JB Weld, smoothed it down, and painted it. It looks fine, and has held up for quite some time now. I've been thinking about replacing it though. I find plenty of clutch covers, no ignition covers. I bent my shifter lever out further, to keep it from occuring again.


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I've put thousands of miles on various motorcycles, including my 2008 WR450F, with JB Weld repairs to the ignition covers. Put some paint on it and ride it.

ThumperTalk sells some covers that silicone seal onto the fragile DRZ covers. Can you make them fit? Maniac

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