03 wr450 frame on 05 wr450?

Will a 2003 Wr450 frame work on a 2005 WR450?

Pretty sure they were identical between 03' & 05' :thumbsup:

Thanks Don for the quick reply! I have a chance to get a 2003 frame to replace my 2005 broken frame and just wanted to check before I spend the money. Is there any way to cross check? Thanks again Don.

2003 WR450 frame part number: 5TJ-21101-00-00

2005 WR450 frame part number: 5TJ-21101-80-00

Anyone know what the (8) indicates?

Must be the frame I keep seeing on CL....

I don't have the answer to the p/n difference but in looking at Yamaha website it looks like the 05's fuel tank is different from the 03', the exhaust pipe is different, the 05' had a 48mm fork (the 03' was only 46mm), there are minuscule differences in the wheelbase, clearances, etc...

I will retract my earlier assumption as it appears that they are different... how different is the question though. Of the differences I noted I would say the gas tank mounts may be different... the radiators being the same is a question that comes to mind...

hopefully someone chimes in that knows the answer. good luck!

Perhaps the "8" refers to the relocation of the regulator/rectifier from next to the rear shock to the left side of the steering head?!? :thumbsup:

Put a call in to Yamaha not the dealer and talked with a parts specialist. He said no dice 2003 had it's very own frame different from the 2005. Some differences might be minuscule but the big one is different case mounting locations. Thank you all for your help and interest in my situation.:thumbsup:

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