2010/11 anyone waiting on B/O flywheel?

The GYTR flywheel seems to be backordered everywhere I've looked. Was wondering if anyone else is waiting on one and how long they've been waiting? The old lady ordered me one for christmas and I'm hoping for it to show up by then.

What dealer are you dealing with? They should be able to go in and find a release date.

Local dealer just said we can probably have it in a few days but never really checked and I heard that story before. I found them online at a couple different places for 40 bucks cheaper but all b/o. I just ended up having the old lady order it from motosport since she already had an account.

It was instock everywhere but motosport last month so I don't know. I just mad it easy for the old lady. My christmas list was a bunch of shopping carts saved in favorites to make it simple because she gets frustrated with the internet sometimes...lol

Guess I can shoot them an e-mail but was wondering if anyone else has been waiting on one since its hard to get a reliable answer from retailers sometimes.

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