im looking at getting a new pair of boots

possibly alpin tech 6 or sidi what do you guys use? who has the most durable ?


Take a look at the MSR boots. They are made by Alpinestar and are less expensive. I have a pair of the MSR System 6 boots that still look new after two years of racing. They have good buckles and also have the replaceable instep sole. Break in time was almost non-existant.

A great boot for the money.


I don’t know which is most durable but I doubt it’s the Tech 6. I have a pair and love them but the sole wears out pretty fast, other than that they are perfect. Worn soles may just be something we have to live with.

I want to try the MSR boots too, but I wonder if they have the same sole material as the Tech 6. I still have my (old-school) all leather MSR boots with the steel shin plate and leather buckles and actually wear them on occasion, they fit like a glove (but anything would after 20 years).

A friend of mine has the Gaerne SG (or whatever the top of the line model is), he loves them and they appear to be holding up okay, but it is too early to tell if they will last longer than the Tech 6.

I do have a set of replacement instep sole inserts for my Alpinestars, but there are also huge chunks coming off the heel and toe area. My Fox formas had a stronger sole, but the rest of the boot fell apart. They were junk IMO.

My two cents…

i have a pair of gearne boots they are great and have lasted well so far [ 2 years ] soles are still in good condition too


I recently tried a bunch of boots on and went with the new Alpine Vectors. These are the ones that have what looks like a rounded soft sole on the bottom. Very easy to walk in.

They were the most comfortable and felt like they really did not need to be broken in. However, I didn't feel like they clamped down on top of my foot well enough, but I usually run a SuperFeet inserts which fixed this and made things quite cozy.

I had a friend try the 6's and complained that the inside ankle area bowed out too far when flexed down. I noticed the same thing when I tried them on, but perhaps that changes or doesn't really matter.

But do take a look at the Vectors, I think you'll be quite impressed.

I just bought a pair of O'Neil Hardwear boots and love them, they already feel broken in after only 5 rides. They're really comfortable, and seem very durable. Happy hunting

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