YZ rear fender

I want to replace my rear fender with a the YZ's.

Doese it have to be a YZ 450's or well the 250's fit?

Can I disconnect the taillight wiring or do I need to cut it? If I need to cut it were should I?

Thanks you guys are the best :)

Disconnect at the wiring plugs located near the top of the airbox lid if it's like my 2000. Don't know whether 450/250's are the same or not though. Stuck with my taillight to keep a brake light intact for dual-sport. :)

The tail light should unplug somewhere around the airbox,

just use the same year/model YZ rear fender, ie i have an 01 YZ426 rear fender on my 01 WR426

I think the 2003 rear fenders are wider than the older models. Put a YZ450 fender on my WR450 for the dual sport kit. It mounted right up, but you have to cut some plastic for clearance here and there because of the coolant resevior. Quite easy, and the fender was less than 20 bucks. :):D

The YZ rear fender will work. I have done it for the 02' 426 WR and the 03' 450 WR. Just order the same year as your bike. The only mod's you will have to do is cut out some of the splash guard for it to fit by the overflow reseviour. On mine it was already marked, i just had to cut on the dotted line. As for the light, it unplugs right above the air box. fbb4e296.jpg

Thanks for the info. It sure looks a lot better with out the taillight. There is not much need for lights up here in the summer. I can ride untill midnight and it is still light out. How do you guys down south deal with the heat. It got up to 81 on my ride yesterday and I thought I was going to burn up in all my gear. :)

Drink water till it hurts....only way to deal with the heat. Glad your transformation worked out AK :)

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