Can't find TC hot start button

Hey guys, Finally getting around to trying to order the terry cable hot start button for the handle bar..... I called Chapparel and Rocky Mountain and either of them had it. Any ideas where I can get one? I remember Derwood said he got his for around $40 (if my memory serves me correctly). Please help!

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately they cost about twice that. Derwood may have had the Motion Pro remote hot-start kit which works differently. I have never seen one but White Bro.s does carry them. Unfortunately they no longer do mail order sales but you can order through a dealer. White Bro.s # 714-692-3404

For all the Ty-designed stuff I’d start with Montclair Yamaha 800-743-3926

call terry cable direct they are one of the best companies that I have gotten stuff from they got the hot start thats the best....

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