yz450f sputter at low throttle

I've said that right along, but who listens to me?

I do, I do. LOL I had the same problem, disconnected the TPS and no more off idle hesitation or "EFI jerky throttle feel".

Yes, you can cover over your jetting problem that way. In a few cases, it's actually a TPS problem causing it. But in most cases, it can be cured by proper tuning, and often will involve changing the needle itself.

It was definitely a TPS problem. My jetting was and still is perfect and all of a sudden this slight stumble appeared.

Dvn. Nice pic. How did u find her? Did u have pit passes?

would that be the same for an 09, seems to be my issue, seems like it gets more air than gas and pops sometimes ?

it very well may be. I really took care of my issue. Just have it jetted properly and fuel screw set up right and you might be shocked.

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