Riding Schools

Has anyone out there been to an off-road riding school? If so, would you recommend it or was it a waste of time? I'm talking about the more advanced riding kind of thing, not a "this is the clutch, this is the brake, this is the throttle" class. My practice time is limited and I want to make the most of it but I feel like I've reached a plateau I can't get past without some coaching.

I'd be interested in this as well. I've also been looking for road bike schools, and I found a few. I'm going to take a class this month and hopefully another this fall. An off road school would be really fun. :)


I took the Gary Semics course a few years ago for MX and thought it was well worth the money. If I get a chance to take another school I will in a heart beat. Way better performance for the dollar than a new pipe or what not.

433rd.........now that's a guy I'd like to teach me how to ride...."one fast Mo-Fo!" :)

Destry's class is spendy. 150 for 4 hours? It would have to be twice as long for me to spend that much.

Seems a small price to pay for some valuable knowledge? Can barely put fat bars on your ride for that price.

I'd be interested in this as well.

The "local" Gary Semics instructor (out of Helena Montana I believe) will come to Salt Lake for a group lesson. He won't charge travel time if there are a certain number of participants.

He'll come to SLC for a private lesson, but you'll spend as much in his milage as the lesson.

Dean Olsen

1207 Shirley Rd.

Helena, MT 59602


Phone: (406) 458-8164

Montana (Will Travel)

Contact him and get more details if you're interested. Count me in if we can put together a local group lesson.

Seems a small price to pay for some valuable knowledge? Can barely put fat bars on your ride for that price.



Are there any schools that are more woods oriented? I need some pointers on proper woods technique. I don't ride MX but it always sucks when a 14 year old on a CRF150 can out ride me in the tight woods, pretty damn embarrasing! :)


Myself and 2 friends are very seriously considering it....4 hours with Abbott would be a kick. Man that guy can ride! :)

Check out www.richlafferty.com He offers several schools a year, but they are in NJ.

Thanks guys, I will follow up on these leads. I live in GA so I would like to find something in my time zone but if these guys travel I'm sure they would come here if I could get a good sized group together. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks again. :)


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