I noticed quite a significant dent that got put into the header last wkend.

Any suggestions?

can they pull them or blow them out?

I think it is quite a bit thicker than the 2smoker pipes so it may be pretty tuff.

It is the Noleen tapered header so i don't want to just go buy another $300 pipe.




That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

I found 2 ads for companies that do pipe dent repair. Whether they will, or can, fix 4-stroke header pipes, I don't know. You can contact them for info if you want.

FLP Company(Finish Line Products) 1-800-843-8745. email BHIW@AOL.COM

Pacific Crest Pipe Repair 1-800-460-6880

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You know this seems to be about the only complaint I have now, (ok sure a 20lb diet would be great!).

The header takes a LOT of abuse from roost, especially on rock infested tracks like we have here in AZ. Too bad someone doesn't come up with a roost guard.....


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