Plastic frame guards do fit later model Steel frame WR's

I wanted to let everyone know that you can make the plastic frame guards fit the later model, Steel framed WR450 frames. I bought a set for my '06 WR450, and with a little modification, was able to make them fit. The right hand side required no modification at all, other than I put some clear silicone sealant on the inside lower portion of the guard, where it meets the flat portion of the frame, so as to keep it attached a little more secure. Now, on the left side, more modification was required due to the frame being slightly wider, and with the subframe coming off at a different angle also. I had to grind away some of the plastic guard material to make it fit more flatly along the frame. Very easy to do, and the only part you are removing is some of plastic that attempts to wrap around the frame. Then just zip-tie the upper portions as per the instructions and use the supplied lower screw/nut combo and your done! I think it came out quite well. I will try and post photo's later, but have never done that before! Good luck and I hope this helps!!! Maniac

what plastic guards are you talking about.

what plastic guards are you talking about.

Curious as well.

They are the UFO frame guards originally made for the 426. They are a solid blue colored plastic that completely covers the frame tube all the way up to the gas tank. I will try and post a pic. Maniac


Those look good, thanks for the advice. Looks like you have an extra http in your pic link..


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