The correct brake pads

I have an '04 WR450F...I installed new rear brake pads in May of this year, by October they were completly worn...virtually nothing left of the pads (rotors are fine).

I cannot remember the brand name but they had copper colored back plates.

The type of riding I do (non-competitive enduro) does not require a lot of heavy braking, in fact I would say that brake requirements are minimal. However...I ride in a lot of very dirty water and heavy mud..20 to 50 ft stretches of it that frequently completely cover the entire rear brake. In order to "plow/blast" thru this delightful slop I am often spinning my rear wheel while the entire rear brake is completely immersed. I expect it is safe to say that this is why my brake pads are toast after just a few months and not a lot of hours. My front ones are in much much better shape.

So my question is...should I replace these rear pads with sintered or non-sintered ones to get maximum longevity and/or is there a particular other type of pad I should be looking at given the wet muddy riding?

Thanks for your input.

Traver "Its what they don't tell you that you need to know!!!"

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