no reuturn tenson at clutch lever after new clutch install?

I installed a new clutch, OEM plates fibers and steels and EBC springs. Had Tension before. now No spring tension. What happend?:thumbsup:

If your old clutch was worn out, then the new clutch stack will be thicker, and thus you have to adjust the cable length to make up the difference so that you have tension. If you still can't get any then the common causes are losing the little ball that sits on the end of the actuator arm (#17 in the diagram) Or that the pressure plate is not sitting properly and is being held up off of the clutch stack.

I checked and the ball is in place. I will take it apart again and check the pressure plate and actuator arm.

Too many plates?

The kits for the '06 are one plate thicker than those for any of the later clutches. You can add the extra pair, but only if you change the release arm, pressure plate, and springs.

There was way to much slack in the clutch cable... Thanks KJ790. I took apart the entire clutch three times to figure this out. I had to take slack out of the cable barrel adjuster, the quick adjuster wasn't enough. My old clutch was hammered. The release arm used to almost touch the case when the clutch was engaged. I think this was throwing me off. Now it rides about in the middle between the end of the barrel adjuster and the case. Works great. If this clutch fries quickly I will probley convert to the 06 like Greyracer513 reccomends. Im a clutch abuser.

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