Who makes the best exhaust and best air filter for my 03 650 L

In your opinion,who makes the best exhaust and best air filter for a 03 650 L.I dont want a really loud exhaust,just something less restrictive and made well.Thanks,Jim

UNI Filter and Big Gun Exhaust with the Quiet Core :)

I have the uni filter and a white brothers s-bend e-series silencer with the quiet core. It works great-the silencer is tunable, is quiet with the insert, and is pretty cheap. You can get one at lukesracing.com for about $220.00 with free shipping.

And remember, if you put a new silencer on you will also need to rejet. I recommend the dynojet kit. I would also recommend getting a smog block off kit from baja designs.

Hey derevus,

I'm in Halifax, NS. Did you buy your mod parts locally or online? I have a stock '03 L and hope to being doing some mods soon. Do you ride in the NBDSC?

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