yz450 yoshimura exhaust question

I recently got back into riding after 10 years, I ended up getting a barely used 2007 450 I thought I would get Yoshimura Exhaust system the RS2 being that it came with spark arrestor. I received it today and the dam thing has the blind nuts welded on the header like stock! I thought I was getting a racey exhaust system I have not called them yet i'm hoping to get a different header without those previsions, I guess i didn't do enough research. Anyone know if I can just buy the header piece by itself?

That's the way they are, even the ti systems have the blind nuts for mounting the stock header shield so you don't melt your pants. I had the ti/ti system on my 08 and really liked it . Ride it, you will love the power that the exhaust gives the bike.

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