First oil change - question???

2002 wr426f, So I go to change the oil for the first time on my new WR, I removed the frame drain bolt and the engine drain bolt and the bolt on the right side cover on the oil filter housing, a touch over 3 quarts drained out. So after reinstalling all the drain plugs and such, I put 1.5 us quarts in and the dip stick read FULL actually a little over full. So I started it up and checked for oil pressure "was fine", then I warmed her up and drove maybe 1/2 mile and rechecked it on a level surface, was still a little over full. What the heck did I do wrong? Did my bike come from the dealer with twice the ammount of oil it was suposta have in it?

Thanks for your help


Sure looks like the dealer overfilled it. Did the dipstick read a good level before you drained the original oil?

I don't know how you could even get three quarts in it :)

The dealer must of checked the oil after the bike sat.The oil seeped down to the motor and they put another 1.6 in the bike.You always have to check your oil after the bike is warmed up.


Thanks for the help. I guess my bike sat on the showfloor for almost 11 months, when I bought it last week I remember them saying they had to put oil in it before the PDI was done.


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