white bros s bend

just about to buy any feed-back good or bad?

base carb settings would be much app

500/1000ft a/s/level 9c...15c temp

You didn't say what it was going on. I have a '00wr400. I recently put the s-bend on with stock header. I ran it with no disks first. (too loud). Then ran with 12 discs (all they shipped). Ran very quick. Great throttle response and top end, but too much at the top (kept hitting the rev limiter with no effort). Started taking the discs out one by one and ended up with 7. 7 discs quieted the bike down, gave me more low end and mid range, and I wasn't tapping the rev limiter every twist. The silencer is very tuneable which is desireable. I kept my jetting stock and have had no problems. (keeping it simple). Prior to the E series, i was going to change to YZ timing. Since I got the pipe, I no longer see the need. The bike does what I want it to. I thought it was a good purchase, but everyone has there own opinions.

Do a search on White Bros S bend or Exaust and you will see several different points of view. Good Luck.

I feel the same way about the jetting. It's still over my head, but not that far out of reach. The guys here make modifications really easy for you. I am at 4500 ft. Have rode in 100 deg f as well as 30 deg f. You make me worry when you say you found the "go" dissapointing. The only time I thought it was bad was when the cork, baffle and throttle stop were in. I noticed a loss of power in the 30 degree weather (sluggish). But it hopped right up when the weather warmed up. The harder you ride, the more "go" you will look for. Thats where the jetting and fine tuning come in. When you put the after market pipe on, you will feel an immediate difference in throttle response. Your powerband will even out giving you more low end.

Now you got me rambling- I know I am probably the least qualified to talk about WR's. But damn, I love my bike. :)


It's your world, I just play in it!

'00WR, WB E-Series S-Bend w/7 discs, Stock header, throttle stop trimmed, airbox cover removed. Stock jetting. 4500ft.

thanx Bulldog i,ve got a 2000 wr400 same as yours,i,m in the u.k.{wet as in very}great that your running stock carb..read much on the forum concerning jeting found it all a bit confusing!!how the hell can u tell weather its runnin a bit rich or weak.......

can u tell me the sort of temp/conditions u

ride in..i,ve found the "go" a little dissapointing..maybe i,m expecting to much

nowhere near as grunty as xr i had before

thought about doin the timing convesh at next

service....any thoughts

hi m8,as I said mabe i,m expecting too much

i got the bike purly on r/test and gen opinion.my previous bikes were kdx250,crm250

smokers,lastly xr600..i,ve yet to use it in proper dry weather,use it for fun only

woods green laneing ect,i,m no expert off road,but i do like an exiteing ride/power delivery...even at the cost of the bike bitein me from time to time!!!

so for the temp as never been over 11c

having read loads on the site suggesting 40bhp+ i certainly dont think it feels anytrhing like that,suppose a dyno run to

prove 1 way or another is the only way

your thoughts?

P.s. bloody foot and mouth closing the trails doesn't help,riding at mx tracks for time being!!!

and NO u can't catch it readin this!!!!!

Hey , revin kevin.... where in the UK are you?

m8 i,m in kent near channel tunnel

I have a 99 WR400 with the sbend and I love it. I also run 7 disks but I have YZ timing.

This makes better bottom end and does not make the bike harder to ride. I ride some steep rocky trails and before the YZ timing the bike would stall on slow twisty steep trails. Now if I can stay on the bike it climbs the hill, slow twisty or not. DO the YZ timing it's great with this pipe.

i just put white brothers promeg on my bike yesterday and i love it.my bike ran best with 6 disc.i have wr400 \yz timing and stock head pipe.im thinking of ordering tapered headpipe.does tapered headpipe make big difference in performance over stock headpipe?

Hay freestyle111, Thanks for the tire info. I'm running the stock pipe w/ baffle removed/yz timing. Removing the baffle was a huge power gain. Did you run the stoke pipe w/ the baffle removed? Does the WB pro-meg add power compared to the stock pipe minus the baffle. Is it worth the money. I'm also shoping for a head pipe. I posted a question to see which is better,the FMF power bomb or the tapered style. Received no replies.

Bill, Bulldog, and all, I have stock header/WB E-series 12 disk. i'm WR timed, air box lid removed, trimmed throttle stop with octopus still in place with stock jetting. My bike runs GREAT! I primarily just like to do fast trail riding.(fast being relative). I compete for fun but most of you will never have to worry about me running you over! :) I did drop down to 7 disk but it seemed a little lack luster to me compared to the 12 disk setup. Although, the loudness of the 12 disk doesn't bother me, I am trying to be a good neighbor and reduce noise a little. But, i don't want to give up any more power or responsivness. I am following post like this pretty closely for options but seem to be getting more confused. What in realality am i sacraficing by dropping disk and how can I make it back up.

Signed, Old Goat that likes to get frisky on the blue beast every chance I get. :D

I have no doubt I am giving up top end by running 7 discs. But I ride primarily rocky, hilly, tight, steep stuff. I prefer the low end grunt over the howl of top end. The nice thing is I can change it at any time.

Cut the "L" end off of the 4mm allen wrench and stick it in the end of an electirc screwdriver. Makes tuning a snap.


It's your world, I just play in it!

'00WR, WB E-Series S-Bend w/7 discs, Stock header, throttle stop trimmed, airbox cover removed. Stock jetting. 4500ft.

Hey Guys,

By the "seat of the pants' dyno. I would say that the tapered header will up, the low to mid RPM HP and the E-Series (12 discs) will up, the high RPM HP.

With my concern of how loud my bike is. I'm looking for a YZf stock pipe to combine with my tapered header. I'm hoping for good HP over the entire rev range, while quieting the bike down from my 12 disc set-up.



97 KDX220, 86 TTR225, 99 WR400f, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. De-octopussed. Works frame guards and Thumper Rad Guards, Scotts steering damper. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank, IMS seat and number plate. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA, Happy Ramblers MXC.

bigbry,the promeg makes huge difference over stock pipe.i definitely recommend it.i've rejetted and added 2 more disc since the the last time i responded to your post.current jetting 178mj,48pilotjet,dvp needle 3rd clip.with yz timing and wb promeg 8 discs.

Hey Freestyle, I've recently set up my bike with the same settings as your's; 99wr, 178mj, 48pj, dvp clip #3, 100paj, zy timimg, WB promeg, tapered pipe, 8 disks.

It runs good except if I snap the throttle open real quick the bike will stall.

Does your bike do the same?

I was told that this is a characteristic trait of all 4-strokes.

Is this true?

Thanks for your help.

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