Debris in oil filter

I bought a used 400 last fall and am putting it back together after a complete tear down. I find that there is some debris of alu and metal in the filter as well as small filings magnetized to the coil pick-up. Could this be cause for concern? Some pepople at the local Yamaha dealer say that it is common on these 4 strokes as they may pick up residual stuff from the frame left over in the manufacturing process.

Salut Hugh!

My 99 400 always had some metal in the filter, it was kind of scarry but I ran it for a full year without problem.

My 2000 426 did not have those particles in the filter after the first couple of oil changes, and so far my 2001 is also quite clean on that side.

By the way, it's time to fire that thing up man! Come to Vallee-Jonction sunday, it's the mountain cross, we're gonna have a blast!


Le Racer

Hugh- me too. Mine always has a bit of stuff in it. I had and old XR that used to do this badly, seemed like my engine was gonna come apart through the oil filter a little at a time. I've asked this question and the response has always been the same for about everyone. One thing to look for is pieces of your clutch plates which might signal time to change them.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

LeRacer : J'ai fait replaquer le cylindre par Adrien Bernard. J'ai maintnant un 420! J'ai repeint le frame et fait faire ma suspension chez Elka. C'est le premier / dernier bike used que j'achète. O.K. pour le filtre. Je vais tout remonter en fin de semaine.

Mike O.K. Thanks Guy. Slapping the beast back together over the weekend and will scare the neigbours!


D'ou venez-vous?


Hugh, si tu veux revenir à un 400 j'ai un cylindre de 99.

Hey l'emerdeur, je suis de St-Eugene, Quebec, à 100km à l'est de la ville de Quebec sur la rive sud du St-Laurent.

Et toi, de ou est tu?

LeRacer, merci pour l'offre du cylindre du 400. Par contre j'ai hâte a rouler le 420! Je vais possiblement te demander tes suggestions pour le jetting bientôt si possible. Je n'ai pas encore lit Motojournal mais je vais le rammaser en fin de semaine. Bonne fin de semaine a Vallée Jonction!

Flying-Guitars, thanks for the Photo on the oil filer. Wow! Looks familiar. Feel better already about buttoning everything up now. I'm gonna rinse out that frame like you woudn't beleive. Then I'll go eveywhere I can with a new toothbrush, Q-tips and my toolmaker's loup to make sure the innards of my motor are clean before closing everything up. Am I a perfectionist?

Ça alors Enmerdeur! , that's a nice name! I'm up north in the St-Sauveur Area. If you get out here don't be shy.

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[This message has been edited by Hugh LePage (edited 03-16-2001).]

J'habite a Utah. Ma Femme vein de Montreal (Pointe Claire). J'ai passe un peu de temp on France et Quebec pendant ma vie. J'ai habitee pres de Toronto pour 13 annee et pendant ce temp j'ai voyagee a Quebec pour fair le "business". Il y a 5 an depuis mon demangement a Utah.

Mon francais c'est un peu "rusty".

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Your french is not too bad, but I guess were gonna be called names soon if we keep at it...

Where about in Utah are you?

On another note, Hugh do you get Motojournal, I've heard that they talk about me and my domination of the 125 class with my 250F, I haven't received it yet and I wonder what bad thing they have to say about it, I've been looking for their website also but I don't have the exact adress.

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I am in American Fork, UT. If you ever come out this way let me know and we can hit the desert.

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