front sprocket

Have a 09 450f. Has anyone tried a 12 tooth front sprocket. I assume you can put one on since they make aftermarket ones. I think I need one for indoor track. Just seems like it would be the size of a dime.

It will probably wear your chain slider out quicker.

I can't imagine how it could wear quicker, it has about 4 hours on it and it is almost gone now.

Stick to the 13 & go up at the back. Might need a longer chain.

I can't imagine how it could wear quicker, it has about 4 hours on it and it is almost gone now.

I changed mine at 60 hrs and it still had life left.:thumbsup:

Well I adjust the chain per the manual and it seems very loose. Went to indoor track and the chain would clank every time the rear shock compressed. There was another rider there and he kept saying it was too loose. Tightened it up where he said he always kept his (honda rider) and it stopped clanking. But now I am worried about my front counter shaft seal and rear hub. From where it was adjusted per the manual is the reason the slider is so wore out at 4 hours. The reason I was going down on the front sproket was 10 bucks versus 80 bucks for the rear.

Put it back at the service manual minimum. If you think the manual is in error, you can check it:

  • Remove the bolt holding the shock relay arm to the swing arm
  • Raise the swing arm until the 3 pivots of the output shaft, swing arm pivot, and rear axle are all in a line with each other

If the chain has less than 1/2" of actual total slack in it at its midpoint (moving the chain up and down), it's too tight.

I am getting ready to tear bike apart and grease everything since I heard they come with little grease and I was going to do the measuring of chain at that time with the shock off.

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