Exhaust Gaurds

Anyone have a reccomendation on an exhaust gaurd for a WR450. Have a few dents already. Also looking to replace the plastic gaurd over the countershaft sprocket. Any help is appreciated.

I got a post that says e-line.looking for web site.check it out.

The only one i've seen so far is an e-line carbon fiber unit. It looks like it wraps right around the front of the head pipe for better protection. of course i've only seen pictures of it, i was thinking of ordering one as my head pipe already has a small ding in it.... :):D


Here's the link your looking for:

e-line pipe guards

thats it! thanks!

$89 is a lot of money. You would think there would be an aluminum one out there. $89 gets you much closer to that power bomb pipe.

are you saying you wouldnt need a guard on the power bomb ?

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