new WR450F owner!!

:thumbsup: Well i just bought an 04 WR450f today. Paid $2600 and it's in clean, stock condition from original owner who must have never adjusted anything or abused it. Got it home and ripped it around the yard. Yeah, i understand that 1/4 throttle limiter. Its rediculous. Cant wait to uncork this beast.

I noticed an oil leak. But i understand now, I know i need that decomp plug. Phewwww!!! Really had me nervous there. Oh, and when i was transferring the title, i asked for a PA plate and the man gave me one AND a pink temp registration, despite the orv on the title. DOH!!! I dont know if im in the clear yet, but Monday i go back to get the reg sticker for the plate. Fingers are crossed.

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Welcome to the club! I just picked up an '06 a few months ago for a steal, and you won't believe the performance once you get the jetting, exhaust, AIS, etc.. figured out!!! Maniac

now, does the AIS only come on CA bikes?

AIS started with 2005 model WR-450Fs.

yes, i was just working on my bike tonight and realized i didn't see it anyway. I set the throttle stop and clipped the grey wire. Now I just have to wait until the new decomp plug comes. I want to keep the exhaust stock and quiet so I can ride local woods and not be noticed. That's how its done around here, poach the trails.

In the meantime, are there any other WR450F owners in Southeast PA? I'm in Media and I'd like to find someone nearby who has already tweaked their carb to see what jets and adjustments they used.

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