2001 WR426f Oil Overflow Tube

Hello from Australia,

I have read in the FAQ section that the oil overflow on the 426 will trickle oil after riding.

Could someone please elaborate on why this is? How much is normal? Should it happen all the time or only after just changing oil?

Basically can you please give me a run down of that, and anything else I should look for as well?

I bought it as a motard setup and will get some dirt wheels for it as well. I will change the oil tomorrow when the shops are open to get some oil and a filter and will continue to do so every 1000km's or 600 miles for everyone using imperial.

Thanks in advance

I presume you mean the crank case breather that comes from the cam cover on the top of the engine?

If so, yes they do tend to drop a little oil after a ride. Its basically hot oil vapour that has been blown into the breather, then as it cools inside the breather tube, it condenses back into oil and runs down the rest of the breather and drops on to the floor. It is normal and tends to be only a few drops if the engine is healthy.

ok that makes a lot more sense. Thanks for that I will keep an eye on it and report back.

I will get valves checked, oil and filter changed etc and monitor the breather tube further.

Love the bike though and is a lot of fun.

What foggy said, plus don't panic if you notice it is milky in colour. It's not a reflection on what colour your engine oil is, it's just part of the vapour process.

Yeh I found out why so much was being dropped.....The bloke before me had 2.5 litres of fuel in the bike rather than the specified 1.5

I also pulled the sump plug out and found the sump to be threaded so I have it booked in to get heli-coiled.

HOPING all is well once this is all sorted.

Will keep everyone posted

My bike is an 02 and yes it is normal as long as it not a Harley sized puddle. If you stall in a water crossing that same hose can also suck water into the engine while you are attempting to restart. The best advise is to re-route it into the top of the air cleaner box.

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