OT: Should this be legal?

It is very difficult for people to understand Yamakaze's perspective unless you've been there. During my time in service of this great country, I was fortunate to not enter the theater of battle, but at the same time wished for the opportunity. But having served, I can still understand Yamakaze and his position.

Again, I don't expect for you or anyone to ever truly understand his/mine perspective unless you had proudly served. It really is disappointing though to see such lack of understanding/knowledge, especially when we live in a media filled environment that makes it easy for even the lazy people amoung us to bare witness to so many aspects of what the U.S. military does for the world.

I has been a long time since I actively read TT, but so far what I have noticed is that just about every post I read with comments from Hebrew turn into political/moral debates.

Can't we just discuss dirt bikes please.

Again, thanks Bill for your very well communicated point. Semper Fi.


Where the heck is the link for the video????????????

I get the web page but see no link for the video?

I wanna watch this and have an opinion.....

"What did you do while you were in Vegas honey?"

Yeah, try explaining THAT one to your wife...

Yeah, try explaining THAT one to your wife...

I am going to give this one a shot. Okay, Well honey me and the boys got a little smashed and somehow we ended up blowing 10K shooting at naked women with paintball guns. Now I know your probably mad but can I just say that as I was getting them covered in bright paint colers and they were nice and wet and things bouncing that I was thinking of you the whole time baby :D:). What do you guys think, am I divorced now :D.

Yeah, try explaining THAT one to your wife...

What do you guys think, am I divorced now :D.

If she divorced you, you'd get off lucky...BUT, i'm bettin' she'd pull a Lorena Bobbette! :)

Lorena Bobbette!

Okay I must be ignorant, but who?

It was all a scam. Some dope made it up and conned the tv station. Another Urban Legend

Thinking about this and watching the Orielly Factor... what is the difference than me getting shot at a local paint ball war I pay to go into than shooting sluts that are nude and are ok with getting shot?

Was it battery when a friend shot me in the cheek at 25 yards in a friendly game of painball?



I knew it all the time, I was waiting for people to pick up on this :D :D


I would think that the difference is, even if it is an urban legend, this:

The Violence perpetrated against women. In the Video I saw, it was depicted as hunting an animal. In Normal Paintball it is a war game, team against team, NO one is mounted on a trophy room and no one is pictured holding the boobs of the kill.

Well Unless your BrandonW with the Man boob thingy going on :D:)

I was wondering where N.O.W. was on all this? To buzy with abortion I guess

Lorena Bobbette!

Okay I must be ignorant, but who?

She's the gal that cut of her husband's unit after she found out he was "playin' the field"... :D

And then she dumped it in the middle of town someplace. Imagine having to be the cop that found that thing! :)

She's the gal that cut of her husband's unit after she found out he was "playin' the field"...

:D :D :) damn. Well he shouldnt have been playing the field. Sounds like he will playing in the OTHER field now though :D.

Her sister Louisa Bobbit was in the news last week as well.

It seems she tried to cut off her husbands dinger but missed and ended up stabbing her husband in the inner thigh.

Police charged her with a misdaweiner. :)

What did Jeffrey Dalmers say To Lorena Bobbit?

You gonna eat that?

another weird thread

but I have to say if someone ever goes to the trouble of hunting and shooting people for real, don't do the criminals cause a lot of em were put there erroneously or didn't have the money or status to beat it. All living things have value to me, and I couldn't go out to shoot anything or anyone. The only exception I can think of is lawyers. They will do anything for money, destroy families, tear down democracy, put people in jail who shouldn't be there, and keep people out that should. In a truly fair and democratic country, I think it would be fitting and proper to keep the lawyer herd to a size that would not screw up our environment. You know, get tags and stay within the limit - like a good citizen would do.

Just an idea.

Actually sputter I would really like it to be like in old testament times, with the cities of Refuge.

You see if you commit a murder, rape or what ever crime. The violator had to stay in a designated city all his life or until the High Priest died. Well if ya live to 900 years ol thats a long time.

Anyway, a family member would wait out side the cities of refuge and if the poor sap happened to wonder out of the gates or accidental get pushed out, His butt was done. No holds barred he was at the mercy of the Family member waiting.

I also like the stoning Idea that one is real intriguing to me

I believe all life has value as well, even a unborn child now we will not go into that will we... :)

Can't we get back to bike stuff. These posts seem just a bit to far off topic :snore:My 02 worth

Can't we get back to bike stuff. These posts seem just a bit to far off topic :snore:My 02 worth

I shouldn't have said anything... :)

I just can't see paying that kind of money when the chicken ranch is so close. What a wonderful place. I think they are starting to recurit track and field stars to even the playing field. It's not like they make these girls do this they get paid very well and think of how many women take way more abuse than that and end up with nothing.. It's a free country which allows everyone to make their own choices if we agree with them or not and that's what makes this place great. We don't have religion or any other intolerance shoved down our throats. Shouldn't we be out riding?

Just goes to show there is always somebody out there who will pay for anything, no matter how over the top it is. :)

Deranged animals abducting/molesting children at an alarming rate should piss you off. GROWN women getting shot in the butt with a paintball gun is stupid, but, the more people talk about it, the more free advertising these people get. These women are the product of a lost society that places Monetary gain above all else. At least they are adults. You don't see the story about the 4H fight club getting nearly as much air time. Like to see it change? Good luck. The rest of the world is probably laughing their collective butts off that we are even giving this story notice. Besides, how many of you have visited their web-site? FREE ADVERTISING! It now seems like this may have been a hoax. Thank our news suckers for making someone else rich. Anybody remember how Vanessa Williams got famous? Jump in the sh#thole, come out covered in C-notes! Welcome to the good ole U.S.of freekin'A.!!!!!:D:):D :D

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