2 finger clutch lever?

anyone know of or have a favorite 2 finger clutch lever fo a kx 250f (2006). rode a trail last week that required shifting with at least two fingers on the grip except the stock lever hits the back of my pinkie and ring finger.

A 2-finger lever will hit your ring finger too, as the ball end is still outside of the finger pulling it.

I think 2-finger levers only make the pull heavier and nothing else.

I have a cheap and easy adjustment tip for you, mount the clutch perch as far in on the handle bar as it will go. This will give you greater leverage and feel. You don´t have to pull it in that hard this way which saves the knuckles.

Also try raising the lever until it´s level with the ground. That might make it hit a less sore spot on the finger + it gives your wrist a better angle against the handlebar.

A magura hydraulic clutch is cool (and I have one), but the lever will still hit the knucke when using 2 fingers.

Here is a pic showing how far inwards the perch should at least be:


hmmm...great idea. i'm going to have to give that a try. thanks for pic that really helps. i might even experiment with cutting one down and taping the end like we used to do with our hockey sticks. wrap a piece of wire on end and then tape it. your idea looks like it will work though so may not have to. i have smallish hands though. small reach i'm just wondering if i can easily reach the lever with it set in that far.

You can reach it. That´s what the "reach adjuster" is for. It´s a small screw between the lever blade and the pivot joint.

Adjust the cable slack first, so that a penny just fits between lever and perch, then adjust the reach adjuster.


^^^^^^^ look at capn dk and his damn hydro clutch! SHOW OFF!


haha i was just thinking to myself " jeesh how come my brake lever and such doesn't look like that"? "that looks pretty slick"

Yeah they WERE nice... But now they have a couple of hours of wear and tear...

only couple hours?? You face dirtbike get out and ride more!

With a couple I actually meant 75 hours...

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