Kawasaki 140?


I have an absolute beginners SSR bike. I have outgrown it. I have also lost patience with it. Maxed it out in 4th gear. Everything else feels very sluggish.

So, I have been doing a lot of looking at factory bikes on the internet. Researching size, wt, speed, specs, etc.

I am 4' 11" and definately not getting any taller *sigh*.

I like the Kawa 140 for size, wt, price. I found this bike on the top speed website and compared it to the Honda 150. The Honda is heavy at 240lb and according to these guys? Tops out at 40mph or so. I might look at a 230 and wish. But, really? 250lb and 34.5" seat ht? It won't happen.

I am not racing. I am not an aggressive rider. I like to play in my yard and practice in open fields. I should be able to handle novice trails. I just haven't had the chance to try yet.

So, who here has experience with the Kawa 140? What do you think of it? Can you keep up with guys on bigger bikes and manage novice trails without problems?

Anybody here from N middle TN or S middle KY just short of the state line? I don't have anybody to ride with. Its kinda depressing..


I have the 140L and absolutely love it. I've definitely become a more aggressive rider since getting it. It handles real well and if I lay it over I can pick it up with no difficulty. My husband has a DRZ400 and we do mostly woods riding, nearly all in Colorado. I probably hold him up more because of me than because of the bike.

I would say these are capable little bikes. I have a 28" inseam and I love my DRZ125L which is extremely similar to the Kawi 140L. If you are looking between the 140L and the straight 140 I have to say go with the L, you will appreciate the bigger tires if you ever do get onto trails, and you will really like the disc brakes it comes with no matter where you ride.

I have been on a DRZ for 5 years or more and I am not usually that far behind the boys on the 250-450's. However, there are some guys on the big bikes that are animals and they leave other 450's in the dust, so really it depends on the rider, if Travis Pastrana hops on a 140 and hits the trails he could manage to keep up with 450's cause he has the skill, but if the 450 rider he is chasing is David Knight, he'll be getting lapped.

Hope this helps you decide. By the way, after 5 years on the 125L I am feeling cramped and looking to going to the 150 or most desired is the CRF230L.

Still the yamaha or honda 230 is an awesome full size bike that could handle anything. In looking around at some pics posted on the ladies forum? A lot of you seem to ride 230s or 250s. These can be lowered for me. My instincts tell me that at under 5 feet and 130? And a new rider? It would be too much. I mean we all push our skills to learn and gain confidence. But, not to get hurt or scare the living crap out of myself. A lot of people try these things, have one really bad experience and never go back.

I seriously need the big wheels? Its gonna be a beast for my buddy to lower that for me!

You guys have awesome riding out west! Love it!

Big wheels really depend upon the terrain. A 16/19 combo works pretty darn decent out here in the nw, my biggest issues and desire to go to a 18/20 is because of the Ruts we have and my mental hangup about footpeg hits, Broke four bones two years ago in my foot and don't want to do it again.

I have been extremely happy with my 125L and plan to keep it even once I get a new bike. I did the fabrication of strengthening brackets this year because my frame had started to crack. I think an investment in a 140 or in a decent used 125L will be good for you for a while, if you are hoping to ride track you might be dissappointed but you will be happy for trails and home riding. Plus it is not too heave to load into a truck on your own.

I love the Kawaski 140. It was my sons bike. He was riding very little and I was still making payments on it so I jumped on and loved it. Great handling, responds really well to everything I ask, great on hillclimbs, easy to pick up, electric start. I have moved onto a WR250 except for practicing fiqure eights in the backyard. I definately would say the 140 is a very good bike.

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