kx250f rebuild???

hey guys.

i have a 04 kx250f that got over-revved and made the valves float and the piston stuck the intakes bending them, and also i think it bent the rod. but the piston seems to be fine:)

the engine was built with pc everything, hot rods crank, pc cams, all the unnessassary stuff.

should i just go back to stock? what should i replace? can i just replace the rod with out replacing the whole crank? should i do all the valves while the engine is apart? i just want to get back on the bike.

also the engine is out and torn apart. is there any way to tell just by looking at it that the rod is bent? or is it so minimal that youd have to take it to like a machine shop or something? and if anyone has parts that i can buy would be awesome to.

i have a ton of questions and any input from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

im new to the thumpertalk and im trying to see if people that have had the bikes or this problem is better than paying the local shop 100 an hour.


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