Front end doesn't soak up acceleration bumps anymore?

Somebody please take pity on me and tell me why my fork stopped worked right.

I replaced seals and bushings on an 07 CRF450 fork (first time I worked on a fork) It worked great on the first few hare scramble I did (2 hours, mix of MX jumps, big sweeping turns, and wide open straights)

Fast forward 2 weeks to this weekend (I haven't used the bike since)

Right off the bat the front end feels like it has way too much compression damping. The small acceleration bumps are killing me, and I'm getting major head shake. And by the end of the 2 hours, one seal is leaking.

Is there anything mechanical that could explains this? I don't feel any binding when pushing on the handle bar with the front brake on.

hmm thats a weird one, i would take apart again and look over it all. Normally if the forks leak it makes them more slick.

Did you use OEM seals and bushes? check for the fork leg for stone chips as its leaking again.

If a seal goes in such a little time - binding must be looked for.

Don't overlook over tightened triple clamp bolts - go much too tight here and you WILL have a problem.

After talking with some other racers, they all mentioned how rough the track was. I think what happened is that an entire section of the track wasn't prepped since the previous race a couple of weeks ago, AND they ran that section of the track in reverse. So maybe the edges of the acceleration/braking bumps were a lot steeper? Usually these bumps kill me at the end of the race, but I always attributed it to me getting tired. Since they were from the start this time, it might mean that my set up doesn't work on these acceleration bump...

For HS they combine the traditional MX track with an entire back section that is a lot faster. There are a few straight where yo are pinned in 5th and these are the sections that beat me up. Would softening compression a bit help?

For the seals, I always use a torque wrench. I rebuilt with a pivot work kit, and maybe their dust seal isn't as tight as the OEM one? I could be my fault too. I'm usually very good at wiping the fork clean after washing, but I didn't do that this time. For all I know I have all kind of dirt and water marks that went through. They are also adding a lot of sand to that track. I'll know for sure when I open the fork up this weekend.

do you regularly bleed the air out of your forks? I'd say bleed them and clean the dirt from under your seal and you should be fine. If it worked for a couple rides I doubt its binding. Also check the inner tube for nicks/dings as stated above, but again, if your ran a few races and it didnt leak then theyre probably fine

I do every time I get the bike off the trailer. (I have speed bleeders)

I haven't had good luck with the Pivot Works kits.

Just took one side apart, and the damper rode doesn't extend all the way on its own. If I extend it by hand it goes back in a good 2-3". I assume I must not have done a really good job bleeding the oil.

Is it possible to overfill the inner chamber, or will the extra oil get out when you reinstall the inner fork cap assembly?

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