Counter balance shaft

I installed my counter balance shaft and it's not rotating as free as the crankshaft. There is some resistance. Is this normal or could I have a bent shaft or case? I also had to tap it in place with a hammer to get it to go in.

you should press it on....

Press in the counter shaft? I didn't have anything that big to use as a press. So it's normal for it not to slide in easy?

The two oil pumps are hard to turn as well when they are both installed. Wonder if my case got warped when the shop used a torch to remove some of the bearing retainer screws.

If you are only installing the counter balance shaft and not the gears it should rotate freely. If it does not you may have a bearing cocked in its bore. You could check for run out on the shaft. (if you have never done this it is best taught and done by a machinist)

Same goes for the bearing alignment, use a known good shaft and check to see if it rotates smooth.

I was afraid of that. I took the case apart and pounded out the bearings and pressed them back in to make sure they were seated correctly.. I had the same issue when I put it back together.. I put the shaft in the case before I torqued it down and it still rotates but with resistance.

I think it might be bent I used a screw driver in a fixed position while I turned the shaft and it hits on one side but not the other.

I'm also worried I probably ruined my bearings by hammering them out with the inner race, but I've had this thing apart for too long and don't want to wait for new bearings to come in so I've put the motor back together.. The rest of the bike is still in pieces though so I haven't fired it up.

I think I'll order a new (used) shaft though... Thanks for the input!

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