how do i know how tight to tighten the spokes on my ttr125?

i don't have a torque wrench but just a regular one so i can't measure how tight it's suppose to be.

That's not quite how it works.

Every spoke you tighten or loosen will affect at least one other spoke's tension. The key is to harmonize them all into a straight wheel with no up/down movement either.

See http://articles.superhunky.com/4/77 for a lot more info.

"Start at any point, say the rim lock, and turn each spoke just ¼ turn; then do the other side of the rim the same amount. Start the whole process over until the spokes are all the same degree of tightness. Working on each spoke with the same tightness helps keep the spokes all the same and keeps the wheel straighter. If you start to tighten the spokes at one side of the rim, by the time you get to the other side, all of those spokes are already tight."

how tight am i suppose to tighten each spoke?

Tighten them till they make a 'ting' noise when you tap them with a screwdriver. A loose spoke will make more of a 'thud' noise when tapped. Be patient, it can take time to do it correctly.

Spoke wrench:


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