Best throttle tube?

It's time to replace the stock throttle tube on my YZ250F. Frankly I'm just overwhelmed by all the options there are for throttle tubes. I don't know what to get.

Does anyone have an idea of what is the smoothest throttle tube out there with a strong amount of spring back resistance? Spring back resistance is very important for me so I can have more throttle control.

Your throttle tube is not what twist your throttle closed, it's a spring in your carby. On my bikes I just go with the cheapest plastic one I can find.

I would imagine a billet ball bearing tube would be smoothest, but I have read on TT that if you have a crash they can bend and stick so I just buy plastic ones.

How you assemble and lube the tub and the condition of the cable are more important than who makes the tubes. The plastic tubes have very low friction on the bar and if you use a dry teflon lube the friction is even less. Next you need a good cable with proper lube; I use Motion Pro or OEM cables and lube then using a Motion Pro luber and dry teflon spray. And last proper adjustment of the cable.

And the carb spring is what closes the throttle, I often stretch my springs for more return force.

I've always stuck with plastic, I don't understand how a ball bearing aluminum one can be smoother than plastic, as the plastic is already pretty damn smooth.

One thing that scares me about the aluminum ball bearing ones is the bearing getting toasted with dirt, just one more part to worry about. Also if the tube gets bent when the bike falls, it's going to stick to the handlebar, unlike a plastic one where the end shatters off but you can still twist it.

Don't know if that really is the case, but it seems like it...

i have a tusk throttle tube with a bearing. its super smooth! probably smoother than plastic. and it helps the grip stay on it seems like. as far as dirt. i havent had a problem. and wrecks..nope. but then again...i race sumo. but hey its only like 18 bucks so big whoop.

I use one of the Pit Posse billet a great deal.....

I've used the Moose and the Tusk aluminum tubes, both work fine.

But like others have said, it's only part of the problem, keep your cables in good shape and properly lubed.

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