grenade mx gear

I like the gloves and jersey to tell you the truth... I don't think it's lame at all :thumbsup:

Never been a fan of Grenade

It would probably suit if you rode Honda's !!! :thumbsup:


To be honest I have never heard of Grenade gear until reading this thread.

It seems like pretty cool gear to me.

Pretty lame, and I thought their gear would've been the most obnoxious of all by looking at all their stupid snowboard gear. There's so many bros in the mountains out here with the stupid grenade stickers plastered on their car...

beings there form the northwest, i'm all for this, an i snowboard. love their gear. great company, really wanna try this new gear too :thumbsup:

grenade is not another bro company.

Grenade certainly isn't, they (grenade), are not the norm, they're nothing like burton/volcom/empyre/ other "bro" companys you see on the mountain.

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