What do you ride?

hey im a bit bored any thought i would make this thread just out of curiosity.

i want to know what bike(s) you currently ride, what's favourite brand, what's your most disliked brand, and what bike do you intend on buying next.

PLEASE, no explanations or arguments or anything like that, just state the facts and get out. set it up like this,i will go first.

Bike ridden now: Nothin

Favourite brand: Honda

Most disliked: None

Nest bike: DR-Z400E

Bike ridden now: KTM 125SX

Favourite brand: Ducati for roadracing/street, KTM for dirt (I rock euro stuff)

Most disliked: no dislikes, every bike has its pro's and con's.

Next bike: It was going to be a KX250F, but now that I'm into KTM's, it might just be a SX250F! :thumbsup:

Bikes ridden now: 2006 KTM250sx, 2009 ninja 250, and 2006 kawasaki kx 450f

Favorite brand: Kawasaki baby!

Most disliked: Honda(get rid of the unicam!)

Next bike: 2008 kx450f

Bike ridden now: 93 cr 250

Favourite brand: i like all 4 jap and ktm equil

Most disliked: polaris and harley!

Nest bike: idk

Bike ridden now: YZ426F

Favorite brand:I like all of them

Most disliked: As a bike, mine ha. As a factory, None

Next bike: Haven't decided if I want an 06 or newer Yamaha 250 with or without and F at the end.

Bikes ridden now: Honda crf250x, Suzuki rm250, Kawasaki klx450r

Favorite brand: Honda

Most disliked: none

Next bike: honda crf 450x and crf 250

Bikes ridden now: 2011 KTM 350 SXF

Favorite brand: KTM

Most disliked: kawasaki (bad dealer experience)

Next bike: 2012 KTM 300 EXC or 2012 250 SX 2 stroke or maybe another 350 sxf

Bike ridden now: Honda cr 125 95

Favourite brand: Yamaha

Most disliked: None

Next bike: Yz 250 I think...

Bike ridden now: 2010 KTM 300 XC-W

Favorite brand: KTM

Most disliked: Husqvarna

Next bike: 2012 Husaberg TE300

I only do Enduro style riding, love the technical stuff, big rocky hill climbs, technical river beds....the more technical, the happier I am....really dislike the flat out stuff.

Bike ridden now: Honda XR650R

Favorite brand: don't care

Most disliked: None

Next bike: Probably a big Husaberg, Husqvarna or KTM thumper 450+ccs.

Now. 2004 Ktm 200

Favorite. KTM

Dislike- Kawi

Next Bike- First Company to make an efi 2 stroke.

Now. 07 ktm 250sxf

Favorite. KTM

Dislike- least favorite is honda

Next Bike- ktm or kawi

Current bike: 1995 Honda XR250

Favorite: Honda

Least Favorite: Suzuki

Next Bike: Honda XR400 or Honda XR600

Bikes now, 5 yamahas, 1 suzuki, 1 honda, 1 ossa, 1 kawi.

Favorite has to be Yamaha.

I don't really dislike any brands.

I'm not sure on the next bike, but I do know it will be a vintage bike!

Current Bike: 2009 Kx450

Favorite Brand: Kawasaki

Least favorite Brand: None.

Next bike: 2011 kx250f hopefully.

Current Bike: 1996 Honda CR 250

Favorite Brand: They all have their good and bad.

Least favorite Brand: None

Next bike: Husky WR/CR 250 conversion (unless they reintroduce a new CR 250)

Current race bike, '09 YZ450F...........other bikes I currently own, '00 YZ426F, '91 KX250, '79 YZ80.

My favorite is Yamaha.

I'm least likely to buy an exotic brand, but I don't dislike any.

My next bike might be a KTM, but I'll probably find my way back to Yamaha.

Bike ridden now: Kawasaki kx 250f

Favorite brand: yamaha and suzuki

Most disliked: kawasaki because of my current bike

Next bike: yz450f or rmz450

08 ktm 250 sxf. Favorite brand: ktm -next bike: ktm with a couple hundred more cc's!

Current Bike: DRZ 400

Favorite Brand: Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM.

Least Favorite: None

Next Bike: First company to come out with a "DFI" two stroke. Have one on my boat, its lite, emissions legal "Everywhere", and hauls the mail!

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