09 crf450r

thinking about getting a left over 09 crf450r is there anything i should look out for with this bike? any recalls? or suggestions as to what i should change on the bike? thanks

Do a complete search on problems on this web site before buying one.

Get it re-mapped by Eddie, forks are soft and I love the p/c link. How much are they asking?

im getting it from a friend of a friend who still has one in the crate, so hes cutting me a pretty good deal on it, i heard there was a recall of some sort im the camshaft?

Decomp pin update is the camshaft recall.

thanks for the help, is there any way of find out if it has been done, by phoneing any one witht he serial number? also does any one know of a online shop manual?

I believe anything with a serial number 2000+ is fine. Earlier numbers are worth checking with a dealer.


I dont think we are being honest are we? Vin # will tell about decomp pin search fuel pump and gas in oil also hard starting to name a few.

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brain tumor sucks

I had the dreaded gas in the oil which i fixed with a new injector. Filter your GAS.

Those are fantastic bikes. I've ridden other brand's 2011's, and they wish they were as good as the 2009 and up CRF 450's

the last four numbers in the vin are in the 2900's, i phoned america honda and they said the decomp needed to be changed so i got that on the way, how do you know if you have a bad injector.... and if so a part number for the new ones?

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