drz modified stock exhaust problems

hi guys. ive done a search but couldnt find what i was after, i got a 05 drz with a stock exhaust, the can is pretty much empty, can only see one baffle right down the end when looking through the end cap.

when i got it it had a stock end cap with the mesh and smalls holes, so today i cut it completely off, so there is nothing protruding back into the can from the cap, just has a flush hole, kinda like those replacement end caps you see on ebay etc

took the bike for a ride, choke on didnt notice much but once choke was off it wouldnt idle and would stall, back fired a few times, and just run pretty rough.

would this because by a lack of back pressure and making it run lean??? or am i missing something here

thanks for any help

Sounds more like the bike was sitting for a while and the pilot jet has gotten gunked up. Clean or better still, replace it.

I agree with what william said because you did not change the size of the hole or significantly change the airflow out of the can so therefore you should not be having any problems with the bike running properly. I would start checking other things as william suggested. Good Luck!:thumbsup:

i will check, but the bike was ridden the day before with no issue

i will check, but the bike was ridden the day before with no issue

Well, I had the stock cap on one day and changed to a aftermarket one with twice the size exhaust hole and noticed no difference in running performance. Only sound enhancement.

Keep poking around as it has to be something else.:thumbsup:

I don't think it's lack of lack of back pressure either. To eliminate the thought of back pressure, place a rag over the exhaust to increase back pressure and see how it runs.

all sorted, must of been a dirty jet as you guys said, sprayed a bucket load of carbie cleaner in the air intake and down the fuel line, ran pretty average for a bit, but its all sweet now,

i spose it needs a good clean out one day, probably just save that for when i get the new jets in a few weeks

cheers for ya help

Might be time for a fuel filter.

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