Race Gooning

Righto crew, I’m sure you've all thought about it maybe even tried it . . lets post em up . . . get ya Race Gooning on the net.

Found this cracker on the U-tube:

Hahaha, that is EPIC! :thumbsup:

he's really bloody good!

thats funny

I love the wheelies

Is that the "I like turtles" kid in the video smiling?

Is that the "I like turtles" kid in the video smiling?

thats exactly what i was thinking!

that was really really funny.

That gentlemen is my hero!

Hilarious, and he can straight ball!

one of my very favorite videos ever!

here is one of the fast guys at the local track eating it while gooning it up.

he actually screws up in his foot in this crash and is sidelined for around 6 month and claimed to never goon again... next time we seen him ride he was goonin harder than ever lol

can't forget this classic video

The music can make them even more special.

heres a pretty good one ..

can't forget this classic video

That was the first one I thought of when I saw Goonriding!! There is also one of him in a cut-off shirt somewhere

Whats sad is how fast he is while he is gooning!


lol, great video


LMAO :thumbsup: ... some people should not be allowed to race/ride

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