hola, please pass on your wisdom to a plank like me ,first time on these .this is why i got a wife,( that sounds good english) anyhow Im trying to do a transmisson oil chance( crf )in my manual im told to use same as the engine oil SAE 10W-30 .im soz if sounds rather lame and if im on the wrong forum with this but im stuck .... ta verry much

Yes you do use the same oil. I had a few Crf's.

In fact, you can use almost any oil in the engine and transmission, the Honda mechanicals are very robust.

My 06 CRF450R gets what I believe is the finest combination of fluids: Honda HP trans oil in the transmission and Honda HP4M 10-40 in the engine. Engine oil change every 8 engine hours, transmission oil change every 24 hrs.

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