Any utility quads that don't feel "tall"

I have ridden a few quads the last couple years. Have been wanting to purchase one for my job/farm and for trail riding. All of the big bore utility quads feel tall or top heavy to me. Turning on flat ground does not seem to be much of a problem but, adding angle to the turn, I have to slow down more than I want to (even with proper body position). Or do these utility quads just need a suspension upgrade to get a little more agility. I certainly do not expect a 700 grizz to perform like a yfz450 but, would be nice to be able to have a little fun here and there while still capable of doing work.

any of the small ones, 500cc or less, they feel a lot smaller, I prefer the honda ergo's as it feels like your riding it, some of the others feel like your steering a small truck

I prefer the Hondas, because Honda makes the most out of short travel suspension! They keep the center of gravity low, and don't have that mushy sloppy feel like the long travel suspension that is so popular on other brands.

They try to strike a balance between good work suspension and good trail riding handling, but it sure isn't performance suspension like you would find on any sport quad....

Thanks guys. I guess I will be checking out some hondas. I'll feel like a traitor riding a red machine when I have been blue to the bone. :thumbsup:

the rancher 420 us great has nice clerance with the IRS and its fuel injection is great for all season use. also can be tossed around pretty easy and capable of high speed truns. i dirft mine in the corners when i get the chance,fun capable smaller quad and still has the power simalr to most 500 out there.

One thing that you are likely experiencing is the mushy feel of an IRS rear end! Compared to SRA, they result in a lot of body roll, and the downhill side can really dive when you are off-camber.

For me, I perfer the more stable sport quad feel of SRA. For what I do and where I ride, IRS just isn't a necessity and the downside of a IRS Rancher vs an SRA one for example, is a lot of extra weight. All I know is that in yard deep snow, my buddies on their big bore IRS machines don't get any further up the trail than I do....

I think i have experienced the least roll on a honda recon 250. A buddy of mine had one and you could literally get a tire off the ground before it FELT tippy. It was pretty crazy. I think the small size had a lot to do with it.

The little Recon has real tight suspension. Honda assumes that at some point you will have a load on the racks, and if they made the suspension to mushy, at that point it would adversely effect handling and safety.

rancher for sure. weve had a 2001 since new and have done nothing to it except fluids since we bought it... it runs and performs like new

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