2011 vs 2010

The new bike feels a bit quicker than the 2010 buts its hard to tell since it is so smooth. Ill test a bit more scientifically as soon as the weather warms up a little. Anyone else run them back to back?


Not back to back but have ridden them both at the same track. I thought the '10 felt a tiny bit stronger and revved out more on top. I should also mention the '10 had a PC pipe on it. When it came time to buy one, I got the '11. I LOVE not having to re-jet for different altitudes.

in the modifyed version of the 2010 vs2011 i will take the FI i was a bit worried about it making the power of the carb but with the TUF package and yosh pipe and stock mapping 42 aint bad . the 2011 is going to be stronger every where.its so much eazyer to get a variable fuel curve with efi than messing with machining the carb for main air corection jets to make the carb lean @ the bottom and richer @ the top.

Just curious, what's the bike weight difference? Not Kawi claimed BS figures. Real figures, with the same amount of fluids in each.

I usually trust MXA´s weight figures, but they have not included the weight in their 2011 KXF tests. The tests can be read at www.motocrossactionmag.com

But if my memory serves me somewhat correctly, the 450 is around 242 pounds. Which is the same weight as the KTM 450 that has a battery and an electric starter.

The 250 weighed 216 when it came out in 04. The 06 frame shaved 2 pounds. The 09 frame shaved another pound or two. The new swingarms haved 2-3 pounds.

But fuel injection tacked on some pounds, but it should be below 216 pounds.

In what configuration are those weights? All fluids I guess.

I'd still like to know how much weight EFI added to the 2011 250F.

Edited by numroe
wrote 2010, meant 2011

the 2010 had a carb.

I like the 2011 much better then my 2009 YZ250F. It seems like I can be one gear higher out of corners.

Has anyone installed a EFI tuner? Also has anyone put on a slip-on with out adjusting the EFI?

I want to put on a slip-on just not sure what brand.

I have the new yoshimura PIM 2 on my rmz250 and the thing just ripps with the fuel controller really easy to install and program to.

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