2010-11 Big bore ,any info?

I have searched the website but have not found to much info. Are the big bore kits worth the $? What kind of gains am I going to see? I read the motocross action test but wasn't totally convinced. Any info or experience would be great.

The motor could use a little more beef down low - and it's really hard to get it via conventional methods used in past due to huge inlet tract volume.

So the big bore helps fill in this "lull".

If used in combo with good head work and cam set up - the bike is awesome. However - not legal unless used in 450 class or vet classes.

Don't ask don't tell.

I have to believe crank life would be reduced

I am putting a cylinder works 270 kit in mine in 5 more hours, I will post back what I think about it. Funny thing about the don't ask don't tell comment is, the Cylinder works even though it is a 270, it still has 249cc stamped on the cylinder. I run vet classes so it doesn't matter for me, but makes me wonder how many are out there in the skill classes.

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