'80 KLX 250 info

My son and I recently found a running 1980 KLX 250 at a yard sale for $20. We decided it would be a good project for him and a good upgrade from his TTR 125 since he is growing like a weed and getting too big and fast for the poor little 125. He also really likes my vintage bikes and wants one of his own.

I rode one of these about 20 years ago and while it seemed like a good bike it was not big on power.

We're looking for any info we can find about parts, maintenance, modifications, etc...

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You lucky S.O.B. lol . Kidding . I'll be interested to see the replies to this thread. This is the bike I had in mind for a dual shock class bike for next season... if I can find one. I know there are more powerful probably better bikes out there for this purpose but I think it would be a unique bike to have. Post some pics if you can. :thumbsup:

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