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SUMO powervalve adjustment

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o k. heres the question. i think its pretty simple. i have a 2010 KTM 300 xc-w that i race supermoto with and ride on the street alot. ive been playing with the power valve a bit but havent gotten anywhere. i need help. i ride on the street and race on the track. i do some stunts just as a hobby. circle wheelies...slow wheelies...stand ups..etc. what spring would work best and how should i adjust the screw?? the red spring is soft and opens the pv sooner.

the yellow is kinda stiff.

the green is harder. opens later.

if you guys could please shoot me in the right direction?? what spring would work best?? how should i adjust the screw??

much thanks to those who help me~:thumbsup:

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