need to Repack a two brothers

I've seen Robs link to the FMF repack and that kit looks nice with the stainless and stuff. I'm thinking this kit might be the best to repack this 2 bros. I've looked up the companies repacking instructions and products. they sell a drop in unit to replace it but I wonder if it's really a just a pos I'll need to replace in 10 hrs!! Yes that is their rebuilding/inspection interval, Christ, I rode 10 hrs yesterday...

I spent a bit of time online today and found very little other than generic packing and the FMF premier kit. I guess I'm going to order it up unless I find something else better. I'd love to find a little more steel to shove in there!

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I ended up repacking my FMF per Robs pictorial. Very very easy. The only thing you need to do is make sure you have something (stainless wire etc.) to keep the screens rolled in place and tight as you add other packing layers. They tend to unravel unless you have four hands. I even used wire ties to sinch up the glass a bit which made sliding it back into the can easy. I did need to trim excess material feom the end since the packing is longer than needed for the Q4.

If your TB uses the same set up, it should be a piece of cake!

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