A short training video from Enduro Alaska

Greetings guys,

This is part of the series "H6llyw66d's Trail Tips" from Enduro Alaska that is designed to elevate your technique, maximize your skills and mold you into the best rider on the planet. It will, however, most likely, just waste two minutes of your time that you will never, ever get back. Thanks for watching.


Mr. BigWheel

Where's the link at, Mr. Big Wheel???? IF that's your real name......

BTW, I don't care.... Your videos are funnier than crap, and I have 2 minutes to waste.... :blah::thumbsup: Except the prt about the salmon flavored vodka.....


classic... too much time on your hands...

lol....nice technique, unfortunately i am still in the dweeb school of turning.

Great vid - it had me in stitches. So did your others! Good stuff!

That was funny stuff

Thanks for watching guys.

Even though I did post this in the wrong section. I'm going to blame it on Midnight Sun Brewing Company. They are responsible for most of my wayward decisions.

Heck, the last time I was on a motorcross track i was wearing bellbottoms on my twin shocker Hodaka. I think Nixon was in office. I know disco was still popular.

Anyway, to continue the irrelevance, here's the latest H6llyw66d's Trail Tips:



Mr. BigWheel

In the vein of irrelevance, here is the shattered dreams version of cinematography:


Anybody have suggestions for a replacement?


Mr. BigWheel

i subscribed

I love your vids, the commentary is priceless!

Thanks so much guys.

If it weren't for all of you, we might ride with maturity and within our pathetic limitations.


Mr. BigWheel

Edited by 640AK

Cool looking bike you use. The fat tires must feel way different than normal mx wheels.


The tires do take a little getting used to, but once you are past the initial discomfort you can get right back into throwing huge whips and all of the standard freestyle maneuvers.

While a lot of the manufacturers are struggling with how to answer the challenge by KTMs 350sx, it's good to know that Yamaha already has a viable SX mount in the fat-tire format, with the proven BW350.


Mr. BigWheel

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