Going to switch my pre-mix. Need input

I've been using maxima k2 for the past year but question its protection capability.

I'm going to switch my pre-mix, but am unsure of which pre-mix to switch to.

My two choices would be:

1. Maxima 927


2. Bel Ray H1-r

Who uses either one?

From forum posts, the maxima 927 seems to be dirty, but yet offers great protection.

My local mechanic thinks the k2 is great and only uses it in his gas gas, but he stated that the Bel Ray H1R is the most popular with the local racers.


stay with Maxima k2?

Switch to Maxima 927?

Switch to Bel Ray H1R?

i'm not a fan of any of the other pre-mix brands out there. I've done my research and narrowed it down to these two.

For those who use these, what do you like? Pro's Cons?


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I run klotz supertech myselff...but out of those you listed id use the 927

At the time when I had my smoker I was using castrol 2 stroke (cheap stuff) at 20:1. Bike ran awesome.

I would go with the 927. Ill keep my opinions on oil to myself.

You are right 927 is a bit dirty, but the protection is fantastic. I'll spend a few minutes cleaning the power valve and knowing that it is worth it.

I've been running the K2 myself. The 929 is a little too smoky for my tastes, and I haven't had any issues with component wear and tear

thanks. Anyone have input on the Bel-Ray H1R?

My local mechanic says that the guys who buy the 927 talk about how sweet the smell is. He also said the H1R is a clean burning synthetic similar to the k2 that i'm using.

have you considered the blendrail racing castor? its expensive but works really well.

amsoil dominator works really good never had a problem with it and I never had to clean my powervalve once. Its cheap too.

thanks, but i'm keeping it between Bel-Ray and Maxima since my local shop gives me 25% racers discount and thats what is carried.

I would say go for whichever one is cheaper. Both are quality lubricants.

The 927 does smell like the good old days of racing!!!

927 just feels right.

927 w/114 race gas is the best smell ever! i ran the H1R for a long time, then my shop switched to silkolene and i ran that.

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