2003 kx250 rear wheel

hey guys, I looked up the specifications for my '03 KX 250. im looking for a new rear wheel for my bike off craigslist and people parting out there bikes, and was wondering if any rear wheel for any modern dirtbike that is 100/90-19 (what the specifications say) will fit my bike? for example, i just found this 2007 yz250f and it has the same size wheel. am i safe in getting any 100/90-19? thanks

EDIT: entire rear wheel

Edited by mikecc

I'm not sure of the rim width, but i believe on a 250 two stroke its 2.15. Any 2.15 wide rim thats 19 inches will fit, but if you guy purchasing from another manufacturer i can almost guarentee you the hub wont work. What im trying to say just about any 19/2.15 rim will fit your bike if you relace it with your hub.

Stick to a 2003 and newer Kawasaki wheel that is not from a KX125 or KX250F (think KX250 and KX450F).

Axle diameters, wheel width, dishing of the wheel build, caliper hanger location, and many other variables cause other wheels not to fit.

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