wr450 Model year changes

I have read the FAQ and searched and couldn't really find any info on it. Could somebody please tell me the model yera changes of the wr450 and any other information about each year?


The biggest change was between '06 & '07 when thet went from the steel to alloy frame.

07 to current no changes at all.

Did the 450 come out in 03?

They launched it in 2004 & called it the 2 Trac

03' and up were 450. In California 03' & 04' were RED sticker. I think 05' was the year that saw the 48mm forks over the earlier 46mm and also some changes to the seat and riding position. 07' and up were aluminum frame with no changes other than BNG. There were probably other small changes but these are what I could think of off of the top of my head.

Not sure about the rest of the world but, the UK 450s evolved pretty much like this (to the eye, more subtle mods and engine tweaks went along with the years too).

2003: First 450, electric start, auto decomp and remote hot start lever.


2004: Fork colour changed from a silvery colour to a more gold fork leg, aluminium side stand, new graphics.


2005: Fuel tank profile changed - slimmer mx style with a taller neck, 48mm forks (fork uppers had a strange profile - straight uppers that where almost a little pinched in the middle), front brake hose routing, AIS, new silencer style, new graphics.


2006: Fork remained 48mm but uppers gained a more normal tapered profile, sharper front mudguard, different graphics.


2007: Alloy frame, different body work and headlight, wavy brake rotors, new graphics.


2008: New graphics.


2009: New graphics.


2010: ????????? New graphics?


There are more subtle changes but i've just listed the main easy spot ones. May have missed some changes but i'm sure others will help too. :thumbsup:

Its suprising how many people in the UK try to sell their older 450s as newer models! :blah:

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Added more info

Foggy: Nice synopsis. Thanks for taking the time.

Foggy: Nice synopsis. Thanks for taking the time.

No worries! There may be the odd point i've missed out, it's just what a can remember at the moment!

2008: Cylinder became more upright in the frame

Hmmm...not too sure about that one. I'm pretty sure the only changes between 2007-2010 have been cosmetic.

Hmmm...not too sure about that one. I'm pretty sure the only changes between 2007-2010 have been cosmetic.

Yeah, i think you're correct. Was a bit unsure of it myself.

Will edit the list so nobody gets misled. :thumbsup:

The clutch basket was updated in 2009-2010.

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