17' rims on stock TT-R125

Just curious, will 17' rims fit on a stock TT-R125L?

I guess I'm wondering mostly about the rear and the swingarm.

Also, how 'bout width?

For example, these MAXXIS Dirt Track tires:

Part Number Size Load Speed Rating Overall Diameter (inches) Section Width (inches) Max Psi Rim Size (inches)

TM40022000 120/70-17 24.0 4.72 36 2.75 X 17

TM40022500 120/70-17 58V 24.0 4.70 42 2.75X17

TM40022600 120/70-17 58V 24.0 4.70 42 2.75X17



I just built this set-up for my 2004 TTR125le. The rear is no problem. I didn't measure the front correctly and the the edges of these Maxxis tires won't fit the stock forks. :busted:

Luckily, i have a friend with a new CNC machine that is going to prototype a new set of wider triples for me. :excuseme::busted:


what size rims did you use 2.75, reason i ask is wanting to put 2.50 on front with stock forks.using maxxis tire.

I used the 2.75" rim, front and back. I don't know that the 1/4" pinch of the tire with the 2.5" rim will be enough. I can pull the bike out of the trailer and snap some pics this weekend...as long as the snow doesn't come early.

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